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The Kirkpatrick Model is a mechanism for evaluating learning programs; you can read about it here. The idea is to take evaluations of learning events beyond the 'reaction sheet' and to look at the actual results, including "to what degree targeted outcomes occur as a result of the training event and subsequent reinforcement." These targeted outcomes are often, in a corporate setting, the impact of changes in behaviour (lower losses, keeping on schedule, etc). This post debates the merit of the Kirkpatrick Model. In particular, we have to ask whether it's fair to old training designers and instructors to targeted outcomes. "Employees should be held to account within their circles of maximum influence, and NOT so much in their circles of minimum influence." There's only so much a trainer can do to improve performance, just as there's only so much a cleaner can do to ensure clients are impressed, and only such a lawyer can do in a lawsuit.

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