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By 'here' George Lorenzo means LinkedIn, where this post is located, and he's reflecting on that platform (and other platforms') increasing attempts to get people to post original content. During a period in which he posted 55 days in a row, he reports mixed results. The popularity of any given post, he says, appeared to be random. Responses to LinkedIn would go up and down, Twitter remained steady, Google+ generated no traffic whatsoever, and posts to Facebook groups had the greatest response rate. One interesting observation: "I noticed that you should never sound negative; never post anything that sounds like a complaint; be gentle with your words, etc., ad nauseam, in my opinion... it is very rare for people to admit they were wrong about something in a public social network." So what of the books and consultants offering advice on how to be successful on social networks? "All of them typically do not mention synchronicity and randomness as important drivers of your ultimate success. Plain and simple luck has been the key ingredient of most of my entrepreneurial successes."

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