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In my recent role of program leader I've been thinking a lot about these elements. A lot of what happens in the program is out of my control, but I'm OK with that, because that also means I get to keep on being me. Here's the list (all items quoted directly form the article) and, yes, they generally reflect my experience:

  1. leadership is about enabling a conducive environment for people to come together and create a shared experience
  2. leaders don’t drive for goals. They navigate for intended effects
  3. leaders base their organizational culture on individual autonomy and agency, collective responsibility, and mutual accountability
  4. one’s work integrates with, rather than balancing in opposition against, one’s lifecontemporary leadership employs strengths-based, appreciative practices

Is this listicle Thursday? I don't know. I don't really like linking to them. But when I do, I like to list the list, and take the surprise out of them. That way, when you go read the article, it's not because you're responding to clickbait.

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