Skills for the Networked World

Sahana Chattopadhyay, ID, Other Reflections, Mar 08, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is an interesting post because it summarizes a number of other posts on new skills and comes up with a list as a bit of a synthesis of them. I think that overall it's a good list, though there's some duplication and cross-categorization. And it mixes skills and values. Things like autonomy (aka 'courage zone') and diversity are values (and he should add openness and interactivity). Things like cognition (aka 'critical thinking') and pattern recognition (aka 'meta-cognition') are skills, and are what we recognize as critical literacies. Here are his core skills, quoted:

  • meta-cognition: "working out loud, building one's PLN and PKM, digital sense-making"
  • critical thinking: "to take decisions in the face of flux and ambiguity, to embrace change"
  • diversity and inclusion: "super-additivity where the sum of the whole exceeds that of the individual parts"
  • relationship building: "collaboration is working together on a common problem, while cooperation is freely sharing without any objective
  • community participation: "sharing, creating, and debating of knowledge around a domain"
  • courage zone: "agility and adaptability in learning... ability to question tacit assumptions and biases"


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