Now This Is An Example Of Truly Educational Radio

Linda Poon, NPR | Goats, Soda, Feb 24, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

We've heard a lot about the ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, but less about how the education system is adapting. This article fills that gap a by by describing the educational radio service that has been put into place there. It strikes me as absurd that only 25 percent of the population owns a radio (listenership is much higher, suggesting many radios are shared, but still, access to a radio should not be an issue in 2015). We are told: "That's where organizations like BRAC, one of the world's largest education organizations, have stepped in." But this to me also points to the weakness of depending on charity to provide basic social services. We need mechanisms that enlist nation-sized commitments of funds, not the dribs and drabs charities can pull in.

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