Responsive Open Learning Environments

Sylvana Kroop, Alexander Mikroyannidis, Martin Wolpers, Springer, Jan 20, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think this is the same book that was released in 2013 - the title is the same and the three editors are the same - but this time it appears through Springer rather than as a proprietary Apply-format iBook (the old link is no longer functioning). Maybe it's an edited version? The copyright on the Springer book is 2015. In any case, the book offers a good overview of the Responsible Open Learning Environments (ROLE) project. In addition to the case studies, the most relevant sections are the Visions and Concepts chapter, which outlines the idea of a widget-based PLE, and the Lessons Learned chapter, which talks about the interoperability framework and inter-widget communication, contextualized attention metadata (which would today be superseded by xAPI), the ROLE SDK, the Moodle plugin, and the contribution of ROLE software to open source projects.

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