My five wishes for online learning in 2015

Tony Bates, Online learning and distance education resources, Jan 09, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I like that his wishes are Canada-focused and almost in alignment with my own. Here they are:

  • Faculty will start adopting open textbooks on a large scale in 2015.
  • Faculty in each province or state will develop agreed province wide curricula for OERs
  • A new ‘green-field’, designed and built from scratch, institution that is conceived around the idea of digitally-based education designed to meet the learning needs of a digital age
  • A national research and development centre on digital education
  • An online university preparation program for international students.

For $20 million a year we could have the R&D centre, he suggests - and the rest would not be out of scale with that expense. Yes, it's a lot, but compared to the scale of other government expenditures, it's a tiny fraction. To any politicians listening - I'd be happy to lead the R&D centre; we can use our NRC program as a starting point.:)

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