If I Could Make a School

Unattributed, Business Innovation Factory, Jan 09, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Longish article (32 page PDF) describing the he Business Innovation Factory’s Student Experience Lab. They write, "Using BIF’s student-centered participatory design approach we seek to:

  1. Put the student at the center of the innovation in education conversation
  2. Develop and test innovative design concepts for new school experiences
  3. Provide new life and learning skills for students

It’s student-led R&D. And it works." It's about (according tot he article) creating a "menu of options", a web of support, and a blended curriculum. But let me add a note of caution: the article feels a bit artificial to me. For example, a student her parents immigrated from "Columbia" - a misspelling that suggests the quote is not genuine.  That said, it's a concept that has been around for a while. Here's Tom Carroll discussing it this week. Jeff Drury linking to the site in 2011. Via Ewan McIntosh.

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