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Interesting article on the progress and prospects for gamification in learning. Karl Kap begins by outlining some disagreements in the definition - does it require, for example, the addition of digital game elements, or (as Kapp prefers) are the design affordances enough? He notes that gamification has not spread as rapidly as predicted (it's at 5 - 10 percent, not 40). And, of course, it continues to have its detractors - "the concept is also obvious from several posts around the web talking about how learning should not be 'fun' and it should be serious and authentic," he writes. I think, though, that the discussion is hindered by the fuzziness of the concept. Simply adding public points for right answers on a quiz is (in a sense) gamification, but is it something worth doing? On the other hand, having a hands-on simulation of neurosurgery adds a lot of fun to the learning, but is it gamification?

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