The Case for Group Work

Matt Acevedo, Blackboard Blog, Dec 18, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Count me as being among those with no fondness for group work. Matt Acevedo writes, "We all know the why: group members don’t contribute equitably. There’s invariably that one driven person who does most of the work, a few folks who contribute just enough to get by, and the one slacker who no one hears from until the day before the big project is due." So what is the case for group work? Acevedo argues, "It is crucial that we (educators) also design and facilitate experiences that mimic the real-world context in which our students will one day operate." Maybe so - but by experiences of groups in learning are very different from groups in the real world.  then groups should be designed very differently. People from different professions (or programs) should be brought together, for example. Group governance should also resemble real-world experiences. And they should, as Merrill argues, be "engaged in solving real-world problems."

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