Malawi app 'teaches UK pupils 18 months of maths in six weeks'

Spencer Kelly, University Business, Sept 06, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

There's all kinds of ways this can be an overstatement and that the results in widespread practice would be nowhere near the test case (or not long-lasting, nor not transferable, or some such thing). But then there's this: "What was so incredible was that in both countries we saw the same gain. One week of working on the iPads for 30 minutes a day [equalled] three months of formal education," she told me. "We were amazed." So, OK, this is what we were expecting from e-learning once upon a time, so maybe they've figured out math. But I'm suspicious, because it's an iPad project for Malawi, and why would they select iPads for Malawi, the most expensive tablets out of the box? But hey - maybe.

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