Recent Research Review -- Reviewed (and Lamented)

Will Thalheimer, New Republic, Aug 22, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I will admit that this article is an excellent read and that if you are in the field and haven't read it, you should correct this oversight immediately. If you really really don't have time this overview from Will Thalheimer will do nicely. I think that if you are supportive of mainstream research in training and development you'll have no issue with most of the contents and will appreciate the liberal selection of references to bolster the assertions made. Personally, I think that learning is less about transfer than it is about growth and development, so some of the foundational work doesn't appeal to me (I remember, for example, studying Holyoak in detail on schemas and induction when his work first came out, and disagreeing profoundly with it). But not agreeing with the work is no excuse for not knowing it.

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