Youth Voice and Positive Identity-Building Practices: The Case of ScienceGirls

Jrène Rahm, Audrey Lachaîne, Ahlia Mathura, Monkey Bites, Jul 20, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The current issue of the Canadian Journal of Education is focused on youth voices inside and outside of education. I especially appreciate the latter focus; as I commented on Friday during my talk, learning takes place every conscious moment and the social environment is at least as important as the classroom in determining educational outcomes. This this essay (in situ) on the Science Girls: "in ScienceGirls, we have a choice; we choose the themes and subthemes, whether it is for the newsletter or the science fair project, so we have more choices. We make decisions by ourselves; it helps us develop our personal curiosity, autonomy and independence." How important is that, not just to science learning, but learning in general? See also the article Science isn’t just what we learn in school by Allison J. Gonsalves.

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