Who am I? and if so, how many? – book overview

Selena, Tap Into Teen Minds, Jul 17, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

As I was flying back from Britain on Monday I recall thinking that every time I travel, I return home a different person. By this what I mean of course is that my attitudes, values and outlook have changed slightly, reflections of the new experiences I've had, often in difficult or memorable circumstances. This is also true of my day-to-day life, though the increments of change are much smaller. I do feel the thread or identity over time, but as more time in my life goes by, this thread becomes more tenuous, and to me my self of, say, thirty years ago is a very different person. This post from Selena is a review of Who am I? and if so, how many? by R.D. Precht originally written in German and translated by Shelley Frisch. I've read many of the " dry and difficult to access ‘text books’ on philosophy" mentioned by the author, and am sympathetic to the need to discuss the issues around identity in an informative and engaging way, without at the same time descending into populist nonsense.

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