How Should I Offer This Course? The Course Delivery Decision Model (CDDM)

Thomas M. Brinthaupt, Maria A. Clayton, Barbara J. Draude, Paula T. Calahan, Jul 03, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is not a bad paper though I wish the authors had been more imaginative in their typology of delivery models - the old "in-class, hybrid or online" classification could admit of much more nuance, ranging from pedagogical style (active learning, constructionism, lecture) through to media employed (videos, texts, simulations). There's a bit of that in the only substantive diagram of the model, which begins with sets of options for content, activities and feedback. But these seem placed squarely within an instructivist frame, and do not help guide delivery decisions in any substantive manner. I think the discussion is interesting, even though the model suffers from the flaws of models generally: people who understand the model don't need it, while people who need the model don't understand it.

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