The City and The City: Reflections on the Cetis 2014 Conference

Brian Kelly, Sharing, Jun 30, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Summary and reflections on the 2014 CETIS conference that took place in Bolton a couple of weeks ago. Of note, from a talk by Phil Richards, "In the moves towards reducing the range of activities which Jisc works on Phil highlighted a move away from working with standards, and highlighted the NHS as an example of a sector in which large sums of money had been invested in the development of interoperable systems based on open standards which had failed to deliver." Note though that the alternative is not necessarily the employment of proprietary standards. It could be "non-standards based systems, such as “innovative, successful learning technology without standards” such as "Sugata Mitra's 'hole in the wall' work as an example of successful self-organised learning which we should seek to emulate."

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