The massive impact on economic growth of open data in government

Ross Dawson, Jun 25, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

People sometimes say my push toward open learning is driven by ideology, and there is a bit of that. But it is driven by economics as well, as the value of open education to governments is in the hundreds of billions. And it's the leading edge of a wider benefit that is valued in the trillions. "The major figure from the report is that potential value from open data to the G20 nations is $2.6 trillion annually, or around 1.1% of GDP over the next 5 years. The major sectors where value accrues from open data policies are Education, Transport, Consumer Products, Electricity, Oil and Gas, Health Care, and Consumer Finance." I see this expense as a needless draining of resources from the public purse to private interests, a type of waste far greater in proportion and impact than inefficiency, and probably second only to corruption and war.

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