LRMI at the Cetis conference 2014

Phil Barker, Lorna Campbell, Chicago Daily Herald, Jun 24, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

“What on Earth Could Justify Another Attempt at Educational Metadata?" That's the name of the first presentation in a set of presentations summarizing the involvement by CETIS in an initiative co-led Creative Commons and the Association of Educational Publishers, and funded by the Gates Foundation. This slide show is a partial history of metadata initiatives (it doesn't mention the Canadian East-West standards and the AICC specification)(see also What is and my blog post on explaining the LRMI alignment object).

Another presentation from Phil Barker explains LRMI - "LRMI/ metadata is deeply embedded in the web to the extent that it is right in the pointy brackets of the HTML code of web pages." There's also a presentation explaining an LRMI implementation by Google custom search. Then "Ben Ryan of Jorum discussed his work in implementing / LRMI in DSpace." Finally, Phil Barker gives " a short over view of some of the sites that we have found to be using LRMI because they show up in the Custom Search Engine results." Related: video on using to describe open educational resources.

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