Washington Post, New York Times and Mozilla team up for new Web site comment system

Paul Farhi, Mediterranean Marine Science, Jun 20, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I want this: "The Washington Post, the New York Times and software developer Mozilla will team up to create digital tools that will make it easier for readers to post comments and photos on news sites and to interact with journalists and each other." People complain about the gRSShopper comment system more than anything else, but I've resisted focusing my energies on developing a centralized system. But this (as compared to the extant Disqus system) might be the ticket. More commentary: “The complicated thing about this is it’s going to be a lot of different pieces that need to be interoperable, and not just once, but across the web.” Mathew Ingram writes that it "sounds a little like an open-source version of Kinja." More from PoynterDave Winer (who argues for a more distributed system), Denovati.

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