Three issues with the case for banning laptops

Robert Talbert, PolicyMic, Jun 17, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I am often present in meetings and sessions where the request is made that people close their laptops. I don't do it. For me, the laptop is the machine I use to help me think; I engage with the ideas being presented in real-time, and create a record I can search and integrate into later work. So I wasn't persuaded by the anti-laptop argument presented in the Atlantic last week. That said, the response to the article doesn't sway me either. I think that the study (comparing taking notes by typing and by hand) should be rejected as irrelevant. I think the characterization of a laptop as a work or a play tool is irrelevant (for me, my work is my play). And the laptop vs the lecture argument sets up a false dilemma.

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