The Revolution Will Not Be Monetized

Will Bourne, Telic, Jun 11, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is becoming an increasingly loud trend. "For years, the internet's biggest players have hoarded your personal data and sold it for billions. Now, a band of angry startups is demanding privacy and aiming to overhaul the social-media business forever." This article introduces us to Wickr, with the slogan,  "The Internet is forever. Your private communications don't need to be." It also mentions a number of other "ephemeral chat" tools - Privatext, TigerText, 
Whisper, Mark Cuban's Cyber Dust, and so on. Another one with good press is Ansa, "an encrypted ephemeral chat app that rolled out this year at South By Southwest and TechCrunch Disrupt."The trick is to legally avoid surveillance. "The companies couldn't comply with a subpoena, because they literally do not have any information. Similarly, there's no point in the Feds' snooping around, because there is no data. It's gone." There's also Omlet, an "open mobile social network." And let's not forget Diaspora, which has a user base of about 200,000.

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