Brilliance struck. We call it Canvas Catalog.

Matt Goodwin, Logo Design Love, May 30, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Instructure is launching a new product called Canvas Catalog, "a white-label platform that enables any institution, government entity, university or K-12 school to create a branded index of online courses." This means, according to the blog post, "any organization using Canvas now has the ability to build a marketplace or storefront for their courses. This gives learners the ability to register, enroll, pay (if that’s your thing), and start taking courses without all the typical hassle." What I'd like to see from this service is an RSS feed - free courses should be freely syndicated (here's a sample RSS-Events file and the RSS-Events schema is available here). As usual, the announcement comes before the actual product is available, which is always annoying. So is the whole 'accidental invention' analogy, which in this context (and given the existence already of MOOC catalogues) is ridiculous.

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