MOOCopoly: The Game

Alan Levine, May 05, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Just for fun (and as part of the Daily Create challenge 486 - make a board game) Alan Levine created this fun version of MOOCopoly. "I came across a Monopoly template in Photoshop," he writes, "found within a 2008 blog post by Brad Frost. Yep, a self hosted blog strikes again. This is quite the template; every element of text on the board is editable; and he even provides fonts. He apologizes a bit for much about how much is left out, but it is cleanly organized into folders within the layers palette, and was super easy to modify." I like how you pay $12 to land on ds106 - whether it has one, two, three or four houses (I guess if there's a hotel the Bava's at a conference).

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