Spark 249

Nora Young, Eprints, May 01, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'll just pass along these three items from Spark, a Canadian radio program on technology (thanks to Danny for the links):

  • HR tech: LinkedIn, job boards, and portfolio sites make it easier than ever to look for work. So why does it seem harder than ever to find a job? Communications professor Ilana Gershon discusses her research into technology-driven change in hiring practices. [FULL POST]
  • Personal education: Today's students leave lots of data trails - from demographic information, to how they read and highlight ebooks, and interact online. Researcher George Siemens explains how analyzing data about the way students learn lets schools customize education. [FULL POST]
  • We asked the question: If everyone's learning experience is customized, does that mean everyone gets an A? Spark producer Michelle Parise asks the broader Spark community: Should education be personalized so everyone can succeed, or should students be allowed to sink or swim? [FULL POST]
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