Students’ Jobs Pay Off Tuition at 7 Work Colleges

Lisa Rathke, Integral Review, Apr 07, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I don't see anything unusual in the idea to have students work during studies to pay off their tuition fees - I spent the entire time I was studying also working, variously as a dishwasher and pot washer, 7-Eleven clerk, editor, programs coordinator, and instructor. At 100 hours a semester at $11.10 an hour the students are not exactly getting rich (and one wonders whether a pay increase would result in a corresponding tuition fee increase). One thing I am wary about when work is tied to an educational program - when I worked at what were frankly some awful jobs, I was always able to quit (and did, several times, when time came to move on). I'm not sure students here can get out of bad employment situations. Anyhow, you know what would be better? Proper living wages for the staff at these colleges, and proper education funding for these students.

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