Stanford scientists put free text-analysis tool on the web

Andrew Myers, Open Access News, Mar 28, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

As this prromotional article states, "Ever wondered whether a certain TV show had a slant in favor of a political candidate? Stanford computer scientists have created a website that gives anyone who can cut and paste the ability to answer such questions, systematically and for free. The website is known as etcML, short for Easy Text Classification with Machine Learning." The story says two things to me. First, learning analytics is becoming a commodity, which will manifest itself as a service that other applications can access. Second, if you're developing something and want to develop a market for it, the way to be successful is to create a publicly-accessible protototype and then promote it - I know lots of people have been working on emotional and sentiment analysis, but the world beats a path to the door of the people who actually show how it's done. Via Geoffrey Rockwell.

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