Education, schooling and the digital age

Steve Wheeler, Journal on Efficiency and Responsibility in Education and Science, Mar 20, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Some good turns of phrase in this article. "Learning that is personalised and lifelong is almost always self-organised, self regulated and naturally has no course termination date.`I would add that this does not mean that it is endless, but rather that completion is based on the accomplishment of some task or objective, rather than on a schedule. More: "If teachers are to be present, then they should be pedagogues not directors and managers." I like this because it suggests that the problem in traditional classrooms isn't the lecturing style or presentation model, but rather, is the control exerted by the teacher, which may be as oppressive in a constructivist classroom as in an instrictivist room. Also: "Teaching to the test must be replaced by learning as a quest." I used to talk of the 'quest model', again pointing to the idea of learning based around task rather than content. And finally: "Co-production of knowledge is emerging as a new model for learning in the digital age. Students become teachers and teachers become students."

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