Cyberbullying on the rise at Canadian universities, studies show

Vivian Luk, Kotaku, Mar 12, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Like everyone else, I suppose, I have to deal with attempts to intimidate and bully that come my way through social media (you can probably see my frustration with these unprovoked attacks show through at times). "The available information so far indicates roughly one in five undergraduate students has been cyberbullied, mostly through Facebook, text messages and email, Cassidy said." I imagine the actual numbers are higher. And while I applaud efforts to stem it, I think that it's a wider cultural issue that we have to consider. People act this way because they believe it's socially acceptable (and even socially encouraged) to act this way. In-your-face abrasiveness is felt to be a virtue, not a socially-harmful vice.

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