Nuevo servicio de Google Meet Oppia bloqueado para Cuba

Raidell Avello Martínez, Architectures of Control, Mar 03, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So it looks like Oppia, which I mentioned last week, doesn't exactly allow anyone to create a new interactive learning experience. In particular, it doesn't allow people in Cuba to do this (nor probably in a few other countries, notably Iran, Syria and Sudan). Raidell Martinez writes, "Nuevamente he sido privado de acceder a un servicio de Google a causa del injusto bloqueo de EUA a nuestra hermosa isla de Cuba." (Again I have been deprived of access to a Google service because of the unjust U.S. blockade to our beautiful island of Cuba). Surely we can do better than this, can't we? Google, how about it?

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