Thinking about the Pipeline

Athene Donald, ICTlogy, Feb 16, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This diagram should give anyone thinking a PhD leads to a career as a professor some cause for doubt. It does lead to such a carrer - being a necessary condition for employment - but only for about one person in 200. The rest go on to careers in government, in industry, or in another field altogether. "The time to start thinking about what next is very early on in the PhD, in order to give oneself time to explore one’s skills, strengths and weaknesses." Me, I have always had other projects on the go - my academic studies only every occupied maybe 25% of my attention. Even while studying philsophy, I was messing around with computers, writing and editing newspapers, being a political activist, and teaching a variety of subjects. Develop an academic depth, yes, but develop a trade too.

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