Thoughts on power discrepancy in #MOOC #eMOOCs2014

Inge de Waard, Arthur Fontaine's Blog, Feb 10, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Inge de Waard is having "dark thoughts during a really nice conference." Why? "the video recording studio that Jermann talked about, if the content production is supported by such a big HR team, little universities/non-profits… cannot beat their content creation. Content creation is a content avalanche coming from those institutes that can produce, and those who cannot." The big always overwhelms the little, she says; why shouldn't we expect it in MOOCs? See also Reda Sadki's blog for more on the conference.

I was supposed to be at this conference, I think, but my work was totally derailed as a result of taking on the LPSS program. So I didn't even reply to their emails on time, let alone find the time to attend (and they're not alone - conferences in Germany, Ecuador and China also got lost in the rush). But I'll be at INTED in Valencia in March, so I'm getting back on track. And I'm not complaining - I really wanted to do LPSS and am eager to see the work in progress. And maybe I'll be able to visit these places in the future.

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