In 2013, eBook Sales Collapsed... in My Household

Eric Hellman, Globe, Jan 02, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Interesting. Eric Hellman observes, "Internationally, ebook sales growth was strong. Print continued its slow decline. Bookstores continued to close. But for some reason, ebook sales in the US stopped increasing. And even started declining!" I have my own suspicions as to the reasons, of course (ranging from pricing to the text-based format). Hellman's reasons? First, "The Kindle acquired in early 2009 reached end-of-life due to a cheaply made power cord, and was replaced by an iPad. The lack of in-app purchase for the Kindle App has resulted in a significant impediment to Kindle purchases." And second, "fan-fiction websites, mostly and" Or, in a nutshell, the reason eBook sales are does in that Apple doesn't share, and eBook readers do.

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