Signs of Surrender in Public Higher Ed

John Warner, Ignatia Webs, Jan 02, 2014
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I write today in Half an Hour responding to a story in Inside Higher Ed called Signs of Surrender in Public Higher Ed. John Warner uses as a metaphor the 'surrender' of the press, as follows: "The rationale for Time’s move is that the magazine can now “explore new revenue opportunities,” which is code for the “native advertising” practices utilized at websites like Buzzfeed – which substitutes memes for news - and Politico - which makes no apologies for the fact that its Chief White House Correspondent engages in de facto influence peddling, as amply demonstrated by Erik Wemple at the Washington Post." Fair enough. But he then follows his article with an absurd list of seven signs of surrenter that have nothing to do with the point he just made. So here are seven real signs of surrender in higher ed generally (because, believe me, private higher ed is not immune).

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