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"No xMOOC will every have a talking doll as a key participant." So says Alan Levine in his wrap-up of the 'headless DS106' experiment that too place this fall. It's hard to find fault with that statement (though given an unholy mix of a focus on star professors and Japanese experiments in animated pop stars, I think he could be proven wrong in time). Levine concludes, "what I have learned from the Headless experience that there ought to be more creative ways to create these open experience containers than a ____ week course. They can be headless." He complains that they end - but you know, everything ends, some things sooner than others. Ending is good too, as it allows for new beginnings. It's OK for a course to end (it's not OK for a course to end and locke you out of all your content and break all your connections with your friends). (Photo: Kim’n'Cris Knight)

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