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One thing that travel has brought home to me in a forceful way is that I'm very privileged to be able to meet with people (and in particular educators and technologists) face-to-face on a regular basis. The person who suggests (as in this post) that "an antidote to this corrosive effect of Twitter [is] meeting people in person" simply doesn't get this. Some of the most memorable people I've met have been from Yukon and Alaska, Colombia, New Zealand, Souyth Africa, Uruguay... it's not that they can never travel, but for the most part the opportunities are limited by distance and funding. The same applies in education. The people who say we should simply "meet face-to-face" don't get that most people don't live near the campus of a major U.S. university (or even a minor Canadian one). I too would have "a gathering a couple times a year of policy analysts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and practitioners." But like 99 percent of people out there, I don't have the means to do this.

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