White Paper: Open Educational Resources

Various authors, Nov 19, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The Hewlett Foundation has released a White Paper on Open Educational Resources along with a consultant's report on the OER ecosystem and a call for proposals to develop an OER Map, as discussed at a recent online UNESCO conference (OLDaily post) on the topic. While I support the overall goals of the OER movement (obviously) the ubiquitous photo of children with hands raised awaiting permission to speak suggests the generally conservative taken by the report which I do not favour so much, where materials are designed to supoport US-style courses and where "...materials will be organized in a way that enables in-classroom adoption simple enough to encourage widespread use." My idea of success would look a lot different, with materials designed to support people creating their own learning. Success for me, would depend a lot less on publishers, and a lot more on indiviodual and ad hoc conbtent creation and sharing - a community focus rather than a producer and provider focus. [Photo] Related: the Global List of OER Initiatives in the OER Community on the KC Platform has been updated with categories.

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