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The World Summit on the Information Society is something that - to me at least - seems like something far away, as though it's happening in another world. It's only happening in Geneva, of course, which for many readers is just down the road, and for me, no further away than Vancouver. But the nature of world government is that it is very hard to see the impact at the local level, and conversely, from the local level, very hard to reach. It's like the stratosphere: we know it's important, but what happens up there doesn't really change what's happening down here, and none of us down here are likely to get up there. How do we get things like the "working luncheon" into the lives of the millions of people who will be affected? My first thought was to say, it is time that we thought about an elected world government: and we should, but that doesn't address the problem of distance. No, we need to be engaged, directly, personally, if global governance is to have any relevance. Something for me to think about.

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