Saving Universities in the Era of MOOCs: How Service-Oriented Schools can Add Value in the Online Learning Boom

Ted Curran, The Wireless, Nov 07, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Longish article that looks at the value proposition in traiditonal education and ends with this little kicker: "The dirty little secret is that too many bricks-and-mortar schools are offering course experiences that could be reproduced by a machine. Too many courses at top universities consist of teachers lecturing, students reading and taking multiple-choice exams. The last way schools can offer greater value than MOOCs is to develop faculty proficiency in recognizing and promoting higher order thinking skills around course content." The funny thing is - I think that MOOCs were designed precisely in order to recognize and promote higher-order thinking skills in content areas - to be better, in other words, that the secret world of school and university classes. The new value proposition of schools and universities will revolve around the question: what can't you do online?

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