Introducing Coursera Learning Hubs: Global Participation, Local Access and Support!

Unattributed, Nov 02, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

OK, so you're launching a worldwide franchise operation for your free online courses. Where do you locate? Shanghai? Sure. Chennai? Why not? But what about these places: Baghdad, Cairo, Helsinki, Juba, La Paz, Phnom Penh, Tbilisi, Kakamega...? Not that I have anything against these cities, but they see like such an odd set of selections. But oh - they are establishing their franchises in "more than 30 Embassies, American Spaces, campuses, and other physical locations." OK, that explains the locations. But now the franchising strategy - in which the United States Department of State is a partner - is even odder. And we'll give props to Roman Gelembjuk for predicting this a year ago (and me for predicting it in 1998, I guess).


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