The economy shifted years ago

Bruce Stewart, Oct 26, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Some interesting points in this article. The premise is, 90 percent of the economy is based on small business. Half the people in Toronto work for themselves; their enterprise is the smallest possible size. OK, suppose that's true (I couldn't say one way or another). Two things become worth asking:

  • "Why... don’t [we] teach all of this in high school: how to run a business, how to set up a venture, how to examine situations and look for opportunities," and
  • "Small business life and honking big piles of debt left over from school don’t go together (you’ll need that for growing a venture)."

I remember Teemu Arina telling me that business development was a major part of his education. I know that it was a minimal part of mine. That's still OK - it was more important, in my case, to pursue philosophy.

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