the story of education: a Grimm fairy tale

Bonnie Stewart, Oct 23, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So, yes, I write, still. I blog, still. I fired off a post this morning before my training session (yeah - I'm in a training session) on ePortfolios. Nothing big or long, just something to fulfill a specific need, which I blogged. Because - like any writer - I know that if I stop doing ti, I'll lose it. Being articulate has to be a hibut; if you stop, it's difficult to pick up again. The world moves on; your own internmal mental representation of jargon moves on. Here's Bonnie Stewart: "As the frequency of my blogs during 2013 declined, I increasingly became aware of being tongue-tied. Many times I would start with a title for a blog or a first paragraph only to lose interest or lose my way halfway through the second sentence." To which I say: write, Bonnie write (sung to the tune of Run Forrest Run (though I've never seen the film so I've probably misappropriated it). Write quickly, write forcefully, paint that map and plan a pushpin into it, stake a position, be wrong! But be clear about it. (Same advice applies to everyone else.)

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