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More threads of coverage of the EDUCAUSE conference:

  • "peacocking" pays off for Instructure as it lands a gushing Chronicle Wired Campus article
  • The Chronicle's Megan O'Neil interviews Shel Waggener, senior vice president of Internet2, and Mark Strassman, senior vice president for product management at Blackboard (videos), and talks about MOOCs
  • Jane McGonigal forsees an internet "where you can learn anytime, anyplace, and it is full of play and collaboration"
  • Tara Buck writes a bunch of articles for EdTech Magazine, including a summary of Ken Robinson on innovation and coverage of the Campus Computing Survey 2013
  • Rey Junco looks at textbook analytics - "information on how much students are reading and how they are engaging with their textbooks."
  • Steve Kolowich describes a project where peer graders grade the graders (does it remind you of Amazon? or Slashdot?)
  • Josh Kim wrote three predictions at Inside Higher Ed for the EDUCAUSE 2013 (cite: Phil Hill)
  • Phil Hill writes about Knewton and asks about "the key issue of who selects the pathway – the instructor, the student, or the machine."
  • Alexis Davis lists 110 people (and counting) to follow at EDUCAUSE (but only gives Twitter addresses)

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