Digital Literacy is a crock

Dean Groom, Oct 15, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Well we can't accuse Dean Groom of settling for half measures. "Digital literacy is a terrible term. It is misleading and submissive. it is manipulative and has significant economic overtones for everyone." The argument is essentially that 'digital literacy' is a mechanism used by the proprietors of "low value" digital media, such as weblogs, social media, e-zines, and the like, to get the approval of "high value" media like magazines and journals. So it is an interpretation of digital mediaa in the light of the (mostly text-based) values of traditioonal media. But as an account of 'literacy' it isn't particular valuable, concludes Groom. I'm largely sympathetic with this point of view. I've not advanced a version of digital literacy myself, instead opting to define literacy more generally, as 'critical literacies', probably more consistently with media theory itself. 

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