Michael Zwaagstra and Rodney Clifton

Michael Zwaagstra, Rodney Clifton, Oct 08, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is clearly a one-sided presentation of the events over five days in a graduate class in educational foundations intended to prove that post-graduate teachers are being taught "edu-babble". According to the author, "Many education schools are criticized for their weak academic standards, irrelevant courses, poorly conducted research, and one-sided indoctrination." I think the author's class would have been much more interesting had be spoken out and challenged the views being presented rather than, as it appears in this article, passively sitting back and reporting on the dialogue. I too would have criticisms of the professor's presentation, though I have to admit I'm a lot more sympathetic with her perspective of the world than his. I do wonder why the Frontier Centre chose to publish this sort report rather than an actual analysis of the class. It does seem to be an example of the same sort of bias the authors are criticizing.

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