Keep On Reclaimin’ Open Learning

Alan Levine, Oct 03, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Summary of an event hosted by the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub (DML) to Reclaim Open Learning. Author Alan Levine represented ds106, one of five projects honoured at the symposium as "organizations that are transforming higher education toward connected and creative learning, open in content and access, participatory, and building on a growing range of experiments and innovations in networked learning." Levine writes, "This recognition by DML suggests this distributed, non superstar professorial, less than giantly massive open model has legs. It is after all, based on something that has scaled well, the internet itself." Here's the list of projects:

  • DigiLit Leicester, Josie Fraser and Lucy Atkins (Leicester City Council), Richard Hall (De Montfort University)
  • DS106, Jim Groom, Martha Buris, Alan Levine, University of Mary Washington, United States
  • FemTechNet, Susanna Ferrell, Jade Ulrich Scripps College, United States
  • Jaaga Study, Archana Prasad, Freeman Murray, India
  • Phonar-Ed, Jonathan Worth, Matt Johnston, Shaun Hides, Jonathan Shaw, Coventry University, UK; David Kernohan, JISC, UK
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