Be what you want them to be

Dean Groom, Sept 23, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

My father worked days and often shifts, and I never forgot that he also took night classes at Sir George Williams University (it was a special thrill to give a lecture in the building where I know he studied, in what has become a part of Concordia). That's the sort of thing that leaves a lasting inpression - it wasn't what he studied, or even why he studied (I'm not sure he every actually needed the courses for anything), but the fact that he studied. It was worth his evenings to do this. Oh yes, and when my father introduced me to my first computer game - Empire - that was also something I remembered. For much the same reason. "Be the expert you’d like them to see. There’s are dozens of courses starting in October, all free, and all backed by University grade content. That will impress your kids much more than anything else." 

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