Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post For One Thing: Distribution

Gabe Stein, eSchool News, Aug 07, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

First, the mea culpa: apparently Jeff Bezos did not buy Kaplan, he purchased only the newspaper assets of the Washington Post. Which makes my comment from yesterday completely wrong and off base. I hate when that happens. Sorry for the misdirection.

So - anyhow, why did Bezos buy WaPo then? According to this article (see how I hedge my bets today?) it's for one reason: distribution. "Having conquered long-form, evergreen content (also known as books), he’s now interested in distribution mechanisms for short-form, timely, and topical content." I don't get why he wouldn't include online learning in this - so I think maybe he does, eventually, but doesn't see Kaplan as the vehicle for it, or doesn't want to move on it right away. One thing I can say is that there's an awful lot of people hpong he 'saves the newspaper business'.

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