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Following up from yesterday's release of a report from MIT on the Aaron Swartz case, JSTOR follows up with a document releaase of its own. "Although JSTOR did not pursue legal action against Mr. Swartz, and said publicly that it had "no interest in this becoming an ongoing legal matter," the organization continued to supply documents to the U.S. attorney's office under subpoena as authorities sought to make a federal case against Mr. Swartz." Of course, it was JSTOR (and its terms of use and policies and actions in 'apprehending' Aaron Swartz) that started this in the first place. It later says "oh no, we don't want to prosecute," but you can be very sure that wasn't the tone at the beginning. Today they say "The volume of activity, hundreds of downloads per minute, was having a negative impact on our servers and therefore was prohibited by JSTOR's terms of service" but you be sure back in 2010 the reaction was "Oh noes! Someonez is steeling our STUF!"

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