BYOD – the first steps

Alice Leung, Jul 31, 2013
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Alice Leung points to a literature review into BYOD and links to Mal Lee take. as she and her school prepares to embark down the BYOD road. BYOD stands for 'Bring Your Own Device' and refers to the idea that the school will support whatever access device - iPad, Android, whatever - a student brings, rather than issuing centrally managed computers or tablets from a cart. Why go down this path? She writes (and I paraphrase, a bit):

  • students are already familiar with their own devices
  • it saves time as they longer need to move from their regular classrooms to a computer room
  • bringing their own devices to school will make learning more fluid between school and home
  • technology becomes a part of students everyday lives

Yes, there are issues, but to my mind, the advantages outweigh the risks. Related: the Marine Corps embraces BYOD to reduce costs.

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