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This is a longish article aimed both at promoting the use of technology in the classroom while at the same time reassuring teachers that they are still needed; the mechanism is the 'hybrid model' and it essentially allows for larger class sizes. "Computers help students to achieve competency by letting them work at their own pace. And with the software taking up chores like grading math quizzes and flagging bad grammar, teachers are freed to do what they do best: guide, engage, and inspire." The real purpose is of course to save money, and what this model proposes is to do that incrementally. "The model appears on track for doing that, despite first-year shortfalls. The school estimates that it has saved $963 per student based on three fewer teachers per student and savings on the textbooks the school no longer needs." The article is like soft syrup, sweet and delicious, drizzled over everything to make the nasty medicine go down smoothly oh so smoothly.

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